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J. Lyons & Co.

Lyons Bakery Products

Bread, followed by cake, were the first two production units established, and their pedigree can be traced to the early 1890s. The precise date for the start of production of bread is not known but by 1894 a flourishing 'steam bakery' was being operated at Cadby Hall, Hammersmith, London. With automation this grew rapidly and soon cake and related products were added.


Satellite bakeries were opened in other parts of London, and then the provinces and eventually Lyons were absorbing the baking interests of other companies. By the 1970s it was one of the largest baking operations in Europe and dominated the packaged cake market.


This list of products, although not comprehensive, is a pretty good listing of the products manufactured. The date of many new cake lines (flan cases, slices, etc.) are not known and so have been omitted from this list. The detail of bread is poorly covered and does not have such a wide coverage as cake. Being a staple food this was probably seen as a routine operation and therefore was not so interesting to report on as fancy cakes.


As well as Cadby Hall and its satellite bakeries, the Corner Houses also cooked their own bread, cakes and rolls. Bread and rolls were delivered three times a day to the teashops to ensure freshness.


This list of cakes does nor include those numerous varieties made by Scribbans-Kemp, Gateaux, Hale Trent, Linden Bakery, Oliver & Gurden and other bakery subsidiaries. Products introduced after the merger with Allied Breweries in 1978 have not been included. Any additional help in completing this list would be welcomed.


Swiss Rolls.

Fresh Bread Bakery Opened


This was known as a steam bakery. A range of bread types were made as well as a variety of bread rolls. Loaf sizes were measured in quarterns (a 4 lb loaf) and half quarterns. The prices in London varied between 3d to 6d. Vienna rolls were a popular product.

British Empire Exhibition


Bakeries supply 260 tons of bread and cake, every week, for a year. Seventy lorries were made available for this business.

Puriti Wrapped Bread


Enclosed in waxed paper but not sliced.

Long & Short Baguettes


Cut on top like bloomers.

Wrapped Slimcea Bread






4 Types of Wrapped Bread



2 Types of Unwrapped Bloomers



2 Types of Unwrapped Farmhouse Bread




Layer Cakes

Light sponge base covered with fondant icing and covered in walnuts. Two centre layers of butter-cream in four flavours, chocolate, vanilla, coffee and raspberry. In cartons at 1/- each.


Pineapple Layer Cake

Light sponge, centre and top filling. Price 9d in a carton.


Coconut Snow Cake

Light sponge, with centre layer of buttercream, completely covered with shredded coconut and glacé cherry on top. Price 8d in carton.


Banquet Cake

Light cake with special, unspecified, ingredients. Price 10p in cartons but also in 4 lb slabs at 10d per lb.


Cherry Cake

A light cake with whole cherries. Price 1/- each in carton.


20th Century Cake

Special mixing. Sultanas, currants, and peel with top encrusted with almonds. Price 1/- each in carton.


Festive Sultana Cake

An oblong economy Christmas cake containing fruit and wrapped. Price 1 lb 1/- 2 lb 2/-.


Special Fruit Cake

A traditional round economy Christmas cake with generous assortment of fruits. Price 2/- each wrapped.


Sultana Cake

 A round cake with selected sultanas. Price 1/8 each in carton.


Princess Roll

Rolled sponge cake with strawberry jam and vanilla filling. Price 6d each in sealed cartons.


French Cream Roll

Rolled sponge cake with fresh cream and jam filling. Price 6d each in cartons.


Swiss Roll

Probably one of Lyons' most famous cakes. A rolled sponge cake in the following varieties: chocolate sponge vanilla filled, plain sponge chocolate filled, plain sponge lemon curd filled, plain sponge greengage filled, plain sponge raspberry filled, plain sponge apricot filled, plain sponge strawberry filled, plain sponge nut and vanilla filled, plain sponge cherry and vanilla filled, plain sponge almond filled. Prices, large 9d, popular 6d and medium 4d.


French Cream Roll

Rolled sponge cake with fresh cream and jam filling. Price 6d each in cartons.

Lyons Bread Products

Lyons Cake Products

The following items appear in the cake catalogue of 1938. Many of the products had been in production long before this date.

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