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J. Lyons & Co.


Corner Houses

Courtesy of Ray Woodmore


Oxford corner house counter service

Oxford corner house dish drying plant


Oxford corner house 'Mountview Cafe'

Oxford corner house 'The Brasserie'


Maison Lyons corner house

Various corner house restaurants


Blue = Corner Houses

Yellow = Hotels

Red = Restaurant

Blue 1 - Oxford Corner House -

Junction Tottenham Court Road (west side) and Hanway Street. Entrance in Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. Opened 1928, closed 1967.

Blue 2 - Maison Lyons, Marble Arch - Junction of Oxford Street (north side) and Great Cumberland Place.

Opened 1933, closed 1977.

Blue 3 - Coventry Street Corner House - Junction of Coventry Street (north side) and Rupert Street.

Opened 1909, closed 1970.

Blue 4 - Maison Lyons, Shaftesbury Ave - North side of Shaftesbury Avenue opposite Trocadero Restaurant. During the war it was given over to American troops and, with an adjacent property, was known as Rainbow Corner.

Opened 1915, closed 1940. Before it closed it was also a recruiting centre for Nippys.

Blue 5 - Strand Corner House -

Junction of Strand (south side) and Craven Street.

Opened 1915, closed 1977.

Yellow 6 - Cumberland Hotel -

Junction of Oxford Street (north side) and Great Cumberland Place. Opened 1933, sold to Trusthouse Forte 1977.

Yellow 7 - Strand Palace Hotel -

Junction of Strand (north side) and Exeter Street.

Opened 1909, sold to Trusthouse Forte 1977.

Yellow 8 - Regent Palace Hotel -

Built on a triangular piece of land bordered by Glasshouse Street, Brewer Street and Air Street. 

Opened 1915, sold to Trusthouse Forte 1977.

Red 9 - The Trocodero -

Junction of Shaftesbury Avenue (south side)  and Windmill Street.

Opened 1896, closed 1965.


Central London corner houses

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